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Animus Numinous  ... is a Duo performing Instrumental, Electronic, and Rock (progressive) music.

Steven Lance uses Propellerhead REASON software to craft his tunes. His music is a blend of ProgRock, Fusion and NewAge with hypnotic, undulating wave structures serving as backdrop to unusual rhythms and melodic interplay. A genre unto itself, Steven calls his music, ProgTronic. He does all programming, recording, mixing and now masters using AI mastering by

Tom Desisto is an accomplished composer, producer, sound designer, guitarist, arranger, and engineer working out of the Desisto Music Studio in Woodstock, NY. After studying composition with Mario Davidovsky, Miriam Gideon, and Stanley Persky, orchestration with Jan Meyerowitz, and jazz guitar with Barry Galbraith, Tom went on to make a name for himself in many different areas of the music business. His credits include two Emmy nominations, an Art Director's Award, and range from serious music, jazz, rock, pop, dance, and children’s records to music of all types for film, advertising, and theater.


Contact Info
Location: Ulster County, NY

CDs by Animus Numinous

 O, Brave New World 2022
Rock (progressive), Electronic, and Instrumental
A collaborative effort four years in the making. Soft synth wizard Steven Lance and lead guitarist extraordinaire Tom Desisto have created a ProgTronic masterpiece.
 Spiritually Elevated Animating Motive 2018
Instrumental, Electronic, and Rock (progressive)
Progressive Electronic at its finest with Synths and lead guitar.

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