Welcome to HVmusic. We showcase the diverse musicians in the Hudson Valley. This is a community website where we depend on YOU to provide the content. It's FREE to add your own listings and classifieds.
Welcome to HVmusic. We showcase the diverse musicians in the Hudson Valley, and YOU provide the content. Add your FREE listings and classifieds.

Meet the Publisher of Hudson Valley Music

Steve Wehr
Steve Wehr
"I live in the beautiful Mid-Hudson Valley with my wife and daughter. We've lived here all our lives and truely enjoy the richness and diversity of this region. After spending 35 years helping customers use the hardware and software sold by IBM, I'm retired now and enjoying more of what the Hudson Valley has to offer. But I still spend plenty of time annoying my family by sitting at the computer (instead of paying attention to them) and building web sites for individuals and small businesses. I really enjoy the creative challenges and working with the people, and it helps to support my scuba diving habit.

In March 2020 I launched a new community website focused on the artists and craftspeople of the Hudson Valley. Check it out.

I hope that you find HVmusic informative and enjoyable. This project has given me the opportunity to meet many amazing local musicians. And it constantly annoys me that such talented people are struggling, while national acts with much less talent (but slicker marketing) make it big. My hope is that helps get the word out to the public about the amazing people we have right here at home.

I'd enjoy hearing from you about any aspect of the web site. You can e-mail me via our message page.

Purpose/Goals of HVmusic

There is an enormous amount of musical talent in the Hudson Valley, both young and old, amateur and professional. We want HVmusic to be a place where folks can come to read and hear and learn about it all. And we mean all. We hope to have as many different forms and level of music represented as there are in the community.

We also want to provide a comprehensive listing of music-related services including, but not limited to equipment manufacturers and retailers, studio and sound services, beginning and advanced instruction, music promotion, and DJ's.

We hope that this all combines to provide a site which is not only entertaining but also:


To encourage everyone to use the site, all our major features such as the listings and the classifieds are free. We are donating our labor and the yearly adminstrative cost of our internet services to achieve this. Our most significant costs are those charged to us by our ISP (internet service provider) for our use of their systems and internet bandwidth.

HVmusic has been running since 1997, and we've been able to make enough money from selling advertising and sponsored listings that it almost pays for itself.

We also are available to franchise this site to focus on other regions and cities. If you are intersted in a web site like HVmusic for your city, please contact us.

If you like HVmusic, please help us grow and stay solvent by telling other musicians, and local music lovers, about us. Thanks.