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Articles and News

Hudson Valley music news and musical happenings.

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600 Artists Pen Open Letter to Congress to Save Americas Independent Music Venues
June 22, 2020

WASHINGTON D.C. (CelebrityAcess) — As independent music venues across the country face grave economic peril amid the coronavirus pandemic, more than 600 artists have banded together to support the National Independent Venue Alliance’s calls for financial support from the federal government.

A roster of artists that includes Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, Mavis Staples, Lady Gaga, André 3000, Coldplay, Willie Nelson, Billie Ellish, Gary Clark Jr, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, Miranda Lambert, Billy Joel, Earth Wind & Fire, Kacey Musgraves, Leon Bridges, Wyclef Jean, and Bon Iver, along with beloved comedians such as Jay Leno, Tiffany Haddish, Jeff Foxworthy, Jerry Seinfeld, and Tig Notaro, all signed an open letter to Congress asking legislators to provide urgent financial support for independent venues during this moment of crisis.

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CD Baby is no more
May 10, 2020

Many of my clients have discovered that in the last two months CDbaby has stopped selling CDs and digital downloads. I see that many CD listings here on HVmusic are still referencing links to CDbaby, and none of those links work now. I was very surprised to learn from my clients that they had heard nothing from CDbaby about this change.

So, If you have a CD listing here at HVmusic, and are using a sales link to in your listing... You should remove that link and find another online outlet to sell your CDs.

Amazon is still selling CDs as well as digital downloads, so you can contact them. iTunes is only selling digital downloads. CDbaby has changed their business to be focused only on helping you sell your music through other digital platforms. So you can still contact CDbaby and ask them to get you set up on these other platforms.

Does the community here have suggestions for replacing CDbaby?

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Have you been hacked? Hardly.
May 9, 2020

UPDATE May 10 -- Since I first published this in October of 2018, these scam emails have been coming around again. They are still a scam -- nobody has hacked your computer or has sensitive information on you. But what they do have is your email address and a password that may or may not be valid for some web sites. If you have received one of these emails then you should change your password at any sites that use the password they put in their email.

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The 1980s, a New Documentary on Hudson Valley Music
February 29, 2020

"The 1980's" the rise and fall of live music in the Hudson Valley. By Michael Raab.

Featuring rare video by Pressure Point, Big Edsel, The Hellcats, Northern Star, The Past-Tells, Will Hoppey, Take Five, Jason "Malletman" Taylor, Sundance, Lenny Frank, Bill Perry, Rosetta Stone, Rich Wilson, Drezdon Blacque, The Go, Big Feachers, Crazy Joe Renda, Sabre and the "Christmas In Poughkeepsie" video.

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New Arts and Crafts Website
February 2, 2020

I started HVmusic over 20 years ago to help promote the talented musicians in the Hudson Valley. Now I am trying to do the same for our amazing local artists and craftspeople. If you know some great artists and craft makers in the Hudson Valley region who could use some extra publicity, ask them to join Just like HVmusic, HVcrafts is free to join and use.

Hudson Valley Crafts and Art

Thanks for helping to spread the word about The Art and Crafts of the Hudson Valley.

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New anti-spam measures
October 28, 2019

This article is for HVmusic members who have listings or classifieds on the site.

I know we all hate it when someone sends a spam message to you from your classified ad or listing. Sometimes spammers will send dozens of these messages to many different classifieds. To send such email, spammers have to fill out the email response form that I use to hide your email address. I've tried several ways to stop or dissuade them from filling out the form, but it keeps happening. So I have now taken the additional step of adding a "Captcha" to the email response form.

Below is what a Captcha looks like.... I'm sure you've seen them before on other web sites.

So, I'm sorry to add this extra step for someone to respond to your classified, but I think it's worth it to reduce the likelihood of you receiving spam responses.


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