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Welcome to HVmusic. We showcase the diverse musicians in the Hudson Valley, and YOU provide the content. Add your FREE listings and classifieds.
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Sky High Music
Sky High Music is home to award winning TV and Film composer/producer Keith Crane. He is opening up his private state of the art recording studio for selective recording and post production projects.

A Jim Falconer (Soundtracks, Platinum island, Record plant) acoustically designed/built studio.
Floating 17’ x 13.5’ Control room, 15’x 6.5’-11’ Tracking room, 4’ x 7’ Iso (amp) room, 3’x11’ machine (amp)room. Climate controlled.

•WORKSTATION/COMPUTER-Mac Pro 3.5 Ghz 6-core (16g)
27” Apple cinema displays (x 4) 23” Apple cinema display
Glyph 6 TB (x 2) and Lacie 3 TB (x 2) hard drives
•SOFTWARE-Cubase 7.5 DAW, UAD-2 Quad satellite, Waves Renaissance Maxx, Sonnox (Sony) Oxford Elite, Eventide, Reason 7, Ivory II, NI Komplete 9, Slate Trigger 2, Guitar Rig 5,
•INTERFACE- Antelope Orion 32
•CONSOLE-Soundcraft Ghost 32 channel
•MONITORS-Focal Trio6Be, JBL 4408, Yamaha NS10m, Auratone cube, AKG, Sennheiser, Beyer Dynamic Headphones
•HEADPHONE SYSTEM-Hear Technologies Hear Back
•OUTBOARD-Avalon 737, Vintech 273 mic pre's(2 x neve 1073), Focusrite ISA 430 mk2 mic pre/channel strip, Amek 9098 (Rupert Neve) dual channel mic pre's, API 3124+ mic pre's, Blue Robbie The Pre, Avalon U5 Di/Pre amp(x2), vintage Moog parametric eq, DBX 160x, 363x, LXP 1, Yamaha SPX 90, Roland SDE 1000 DDL, Symetrix 501, ART 1500 DDL
•MICROPHONES-Neumann TLM103's(x2) matched pair, Akg 414EB, c426b stereo condenser, RCA 77dx ribbon mic, D112, D330BT, D320B, Sennheiser MD421(x3), MD441U, 604e(x3), e906, Blue Kiwi, EV RE11, RE27 N/D, Shure SM81, SM7b, SM57(x4), Beta 52a(x2), Beyerdynamic M260 ribbon, Audio Technica ATM 31R, Turner 500 dynamic(x2), Yamaha SubKick
•DRUMS/PERCUSSION-Gretsch maple kit, Mapex Saturn series maple/walnut kit, assorted snares, Zildjian & Paiste, cymbals. Assorted hand percussion.
•MIDI/KEYBOARDS- Roland TD7, R-8, SPD 30 Octapads, Alesis D4 drum modules, Roland A88 controller, Roland XV 5050 module, Peavey DPM 488 88 key weighted controller, Motu Midi Time Piece AV, Korg NanoKontrol 2
•GUITARS-Fender Stratocaster plus custom w/alembic preamp, Line 6 Variax 700, Danelectro U2, Taylor 562ce 12 string acoustic , Martin OM1 Acoustic, Martin custom thin body acoustic, Yamaha Acoustic 12 string, 1971 Fender Mustang Bass, NS Design(Steinberger) NXT electric upright, Eastwood Mandocaster electric mandolin
•AMPS-Epiphone valve Jr. w/mod, Crate, Line 6 Pod, Fishman Aura acoustic imaging blender, Ibanez, MXR, Rockman pedals and boxes
•MISC. Countryman DI's, Whirlwind DI's, APC Battery Backups, Furman and Monster power conditioners


Contact Sky High Music
Location: Orange County, NY
Phone: (845) 837-1033

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