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Guitar Instruction
Northern Westchester based professional full-time guitarist and in-demand instructor (rock, jazz, blues, R&B, shred guitar) with over 35 students per week currently has two open slots for new private students. Instructor is an industry veteran with live performance and studio experience as a hired gun in a variety of genres.

Sessions are comprised of intense, one on one personalized guitar instruction with several tiers of time frame options that are custom tailored to each individual student's abilities, strengths, weaknesses and personal goals on the instrument.

What's in store for you as a beginner or novice on the instrument: a fun, rewarding, logical and simplified system of learning the right way and laying a foundation, with concepts and musical ideas that will get you playing well beyond your years in a relatively short period of time...providing that you adhere to a practice schedule.

What's in store for you as an intermediate and/or advanced player who is hungry and obsessed with breaking plateaus and busting through a sticking point....a strong emphasis on intermediate and advanced diatonic theory, harmony and techniques to be immediately applied to not only screaming rock lead guitar acrobatics and shredding but also applicable to classic rock, funk, pop, jazz, fusion and blues along with rhythm guitar studies in a variety of styles that eventually carve the path for rich jazz chord melody arrangements. For players who are in a serious pentatonic or modal rut (we've all been there before at least once or twice), a challenging program is available for those who are in dire need of breaking out of habitual patterns and licks, and looking to add dramatic harmonic depth and excitement to solos with bi-tonal scales and arpeggios, altered scales, exotic string skipping concepts, sweep techniques, multiple-finger two-handed tapping, utilizing wider intervalic leaps and mastering the art of effectively using 9ths, 11ths, 13ths and chromatic passing tones that add sophistication to your improv.

These are not garden variety guitar lessons. Here, we cut right to the crash and get moving in a way that delivers results. If you are ready for school, eager to work hard and prepared to undergo a serious transformation as a player, these lessons are for you.

Serious inquiries only please, as becoming a seasoned player and a highly skilled guitarist takes time, dedication and commitment!

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Location: Westchester County, NY

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