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Soft Machines
Rock (modern), Alternative, and Americana
Hide and Shine

The debut record, Soft Machines, came as a surprise. Writer Chris Kelly describes the project as starting with a “psychic download of 50 song ideas.” These ideas were about to become another in a line of obscure, unknown, invisible solo projects,but a chance meeting in 2022 with drummer Michael Chambers sparked the wild notion of “a band.” The two began making noise and translating the musical sketches into songs. The addition of bassist Chris Ferguson completed the lower frequencies of this power-trinity. “Songs don’t come from people, they come through people.” Hide and Shine are the stewards of this music—tasked with translating the images and commands of the unconscious world, into the sounds and words of this world. The sounds reflect a range of sensibilities, across seven decades of American and British music, and the lyrics often hint at esoteric themes. The songs seem unusual but feel familiar, or perhaps it’s the other way around. The work has been described as “energetic, and moody, and real, and other—a kind of art/death/country/rock/alternative.”

Hide and Shine resides in and around Kingston, NY. They recorded and produced their debut album and had the great privilege of mixing it with Steve Albini. The next batch of 14 songs is already being recorded, prior to the debut being released. There is much work ahead.

Released: June, 2024
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