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 LOVE'S MATRIMONY, with composer/pianist Peter Schickele
 FAREWELL, with composer/pianist James Fitzwilliam & cellist Susan Seligman
 PARALLEL (Unicorn Love Poems) by Aurora Northland - w/pianist Barbara Pickhardt
VOICES OF THE VALLEY: Danielle Woerner, Soprano
Classical/Opera, Contemporary
Danielle Woerner

This sparkling CD on Albany Records (Troy 877) includes a variety of attractive contemporary classical songs and chamber music, penned by some of the Hudson Valley's finest composers. There are performances by two of them -- Peter Schickele and James Fitzwilliam -- with Danielle.

Other musicians are cellist Susan Seligman, pianist Barbara Pickhardt, flutist Marcia Gates, and Harry F. Ditzel, horn. Features a reading by novelist Gail Godwin of her text to Robert Starer's major chamber music piece, "Anna Margarita's Will." In addition: Emily Dickinson songs by Robert Baksa and James Fitzwilliam, "Unicorn Love Poems" by Aurora Northland to poems of Woodstock poet Pearl Bond, Peter Schickele's "3 Songs for a Wedding," & a 1934 song by Alan Shulman.

The CD was produced by Baikida Carroll, and engineered by Scott Petito/NRS and by Christopher Winham, with production input by renowned soprano and teacher Bethany Beardslee Winham. It comes with an informative 20-page booklet with notes, texts and photos. A project of the Deep Listening Institute, Ltd.

Released: November, 2006
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