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Barry Wiesenfeld  ... is a Band performing Pop/Soft Rock, Motown/R&B, and Musical Theater music.

I've spent decades in the music business wearing many hats - mostly freelance bassist (but occasionally music director, arranger, co-writer, etc.) - and covering many styles including (but not limited to) rock, Celtic, big band swing, musicals, classical, country, folk, latin jazz. These days, I primarily work as a freelancing side man. (Important note: while I like freelancing, I'm NOT opposed to committing to the right project). I have a body of musical knowledge to draw on (notation, theory, experience, etc.), contribute strong vocals (lead or harmony), have great ears, great gear, and am willing to travel for gigs.

I understand that one's reputation is nearly as important as where you put your fingers, and I nurture my reputation carefully; I'm completely professional and reliable in every way. I have a long list of credentials including major venues (Carnegie Hall, et al), recordings (including a recent Grammy nominated album), and international tours (I've performed on three continents). All of that said, I also love low-key, relaxed gigs in small venues. There's an intimacy there which is elusive in some other places.

Many factors can go in to making a gig a "good" gig: musical satisfaction, career expansion, great pay, and so forth. Any ONE of these (or any combination) would get my attention. No gig is too small or too large if it's a "good" gig - and if you have a good gig and need a bass player, let's talk. If you're a writer with great material, again, let's talk.

One last point: I've been involved with many quality songwriters in the past (Grammy winners, etc.), but not recently, and I miss playing original material. If you're a writer/performer and have top shelf material (and are serious about your career), I'd love to talk to you.

I'm an ensemble player, and choose my notes/parts according to what's best for the music, not what shows off "fancy footwork". If you email me with a description of your needs, I'll send you my bio and we can go from there. (By the way, I occasionally double on keys and/or flute.)

Thanks. Barry

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Location: Orange County, NY

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