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Fredro and The Swindlers  ... is a Band performing Rock (50's-60's), Rock (modern) music.

When my previous band, The Brooklyn Cowboys, stopped touring and recording, I opened a guitar shop near Woodstock, NY, started several local bands, booked clubs and theaters in the area, and continued writing, says Fredro Perry, founding force, drummer, songwriter, producer, and label head for the band. I didn’t set out to write any new songs, but they started slipping in, and before too long, they were simply piled too high and had to be recorded! My new album, released January 23, 2024, is the first result of that effort.
A marked difference from The Cowboys’ sound, this project is more Rock n Roll, less Country. I call it Fredro and The Swindlers. I’m very happy with the way it turned out, and I hope you are too. The album is available on all platforms.
Please visit Fredro and The Swindlers on Facebook, Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube, Reverb Nation (currently #1 on their Hudson Valley Rock chart and #5 on their Capital region Rock chart), Apple Music, Itunes, Amazon Music, Alexa, Deezer, Tidal, or anywhere else you get your music and please follow, friend, fan, subscribe, like, or whatever the website in question asks for when they want you to tell them you like a band. LOL.Thanks!
I’m also happy to announce that WDST Radio Woodstock and Little Steven’s SiriusXM Underground Garage channel have both played the first single from the Swindlers album, “Shivers (Winter Blues)” and it is currently on the Underground Garage playlist, so if you wanna make a request, feel free!
The other musicians on the album are all from the Woodstock area. I met them all when I had my guitar shop, Reservoir Music, and, even though the store’s been closed for 10 years, we kept in touch and they came out of the woodwork to help me record this album. To a man, they each said they did it because they believed in the songs, which was a great compliment to me! I hope you agree.

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Location: Ulster County, NY

Shivers (WinterBlues)

I'm in Love

CDs by Fredro and The Swindlers

 The Swindlers 2024
Rock (50's-60's), Rock (modern)
It's Rock n Roll, baby! If you like Rock n Roll, check us out! We're #1 on the Reverb Nation HV Rock chart and #5 on their capital region Rock chart, and thousands of views on YouTube! You'll dig it!!

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