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Jack Adkins  ... is a Solo performing Multi-genre original, Instrumental, and Rock (progressive) music.

Ce n’est pas de la musique

I'm Jack Adkins, and this is my Bandcamp page.

( “Ce n’est pas de la musique” roughly translates to “this is not music” )

Here you'll see a listing of my 28 albums in the order they were released. The majority of these albums have between 12 and 20 tracks on them.

I play all the instruments on these albums. I'm also responsible for the recording, mixing and overall production of these tracks ( except where noted. )

These tracks are absolutely FREE to listen to, and to download. And there are no lyrics because they're mostly instrumental tracks. They’re 99% vocal free !

I’m lousy at promoting my own work. I just don’t like to talk about myself or what I do. I would prefer that you listen, and then tell me what you think, or whether you like it or not…

So these are my ideas, excerpts of mostly improvised jams or demos, original works in progress, or maybe instrumentals for casual listeners with short attention spans, and possibly previews of more things yet to come...

Bandcamp requires me to label the tracks, and so I’ve truthfully tagged them " rock, experimental, improvisational, instrumental & original "…which doesn’t really tell you a lot about the music, but beyond that I don't like to say...

But here's what some other folks have said about my Bandcamp page:

" Hilarious ! " - Robert Blum, bass player / local musician

“ I’m a sucker for unique and imaginative music. Much of what we hear today is boring and uninspiring, but Jack’s stuff is real ear candy ! ” - Fil Rounds, drummer, local musician & host of Epic Pontoon Radio

“ Great, funny, high brow instrumentals… ” - a listener from Poland

“ …cool, weird, trippy, jazzy… ” - a NYC listener

" Whatever this is...? " - a listener from Wisconsin

So thank you for listening, I hope that you enjoy some of the albums, and if you want to let me know what you think I’d really appreciate it. You can email me through the Bandcamp page.

Thanks again!

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Location: Orange County, NY

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