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Bob Stump  ... is a Solo performing Americana, Bluegrass, and Country music.

The performance is structured as a geographical and chronological tour of American vernacular music. It begins by highlighting the blues and Appalachian folk music and moves from there to cover country music, rock and roll, bluegrass, rockabilly, and even contemporary R&B. In addition to its accessible educational component, the performance is entertaining and inspiring, enrapturing both listeners with and without existing musical interests.

Just as Bob says "Bare bones, honest, heartfelt Americana!". Then while I was listening to this I wondered just what Americana really is? 
Acoustic guitar? Check. Harmonica? Check. Driving rhythm? Check. Rousing choruses. Yup!
Folksy lyrics? Oh yeah, but  it's so much more than that.
Blues sounds like, well, blues. Country? Yes, pretty much sounds like country. Folk has it's own generic definition. Mix them all together and you get Americana. Vary the proportions of the mix  a little or a lot, and... you still get Americana. And if you add some pop and bluegrass influences, maybe some honky-tonk - yup, more great Americana.
Of course all these influences need the proper base to build on, superb songwriting and great musicianship. Bob has put all the pieces together here with his songs and his band. He's got all the bases covered here - foot-stompers that would not be out of place on a Friday night in a country bar, lonely highway driving songs, and feet up on the back porch railing folksy grooves.
Time to put your money in the jukebox, sit back and enjoy the show!


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Location: Dutchess County, NY

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