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Keyboard Player needed for Barn Jam
Looking for a keyboard player

Our guy is leaving and we are sad about that. Could really use a laid back, seasoned piano player to add much-needed tickles-of-the-ivory to our band.

We play in a barn-turned-music-studio in Middletown every other Friday night. We play JUST.FOR.FUN. We never gig. Ever. We never leave the barn. Ever. We just play. 90% of our songs are pre-1980 (Tom Petty is our most common exception). We love the Beatles. We have chord charts at seven stations. Those chord charts represent close to 700 selections. We go around the room and we take turns trying out a song. The bassist might want to do "Heroes" by Bowie. We give it a shot. Then the guitarist might want to try on "Down on the Corner" by CCR. And we all give it a shot. We don't work on songs. We don't talk through the imperfections. We just move on to the next one. We play from 7-1130PM and by the time the night is over, we have played 30-40 songs. We don't judge ya. We don't compete. We don't do stress or drama. WE JUST HAVE FUN. Just guys and gals. Having fun. We are called THE BARN JAM and many a Hudson Valley musician in one context or another has heard of or passed through our Barn. Probably close to eight or ten gigging bands in the region who have had at least one member stop by. Or in some cases, "stop by" regularly for years. There are some core Barn Jammers that come to every jam, and then there are a dozen+ musicians who show when they can, some come once a month, some come once a year. All told, there may be about 20 of us who rotate. And, alas, our keyboard player of a decade or so is moving. And we need to fill his shoes. Do you love Rock and Roll? Do you play keys? Do you want to JUST PLAY without the hassles of gigging, making CDs, trying to get all your friends from work to show to the winery for your band's set on a Saturday afternoon? We just play music. And we just have fun. As simple as it gets. If you would like to see our 600-700 song repertoire, just ask and I will send it along.

If you play keys and this sounds like fun, let us know.

Contact Information
Location: Orange County, NY
Phone: (845) 3134657

Posted by: jason_b8c
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